How do I research assisted living facilities?
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How do I go about researching specific assisted living facilities in Florida? My grandparents are considering two of them and want me to find out if they've had any complaints, lawsuits, regulatory violations, etc.

I want to research their parent companies too. One is Senior Lifestyle Corporation, headquartered in Chicago, and the other is Brookdale Senior Living, headquartered in Tennessee. I'm also interested in any reputable ratings sites, like a Consumer Reports for old people homes.
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Check the Florida Nursing Home Watch List.
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At the risk of appearing to toot my employer's (and my own) horn, US News has senior housing/nursing home rankings, including assisted living facilities. Here's Florida.
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In addition to the above, are your grandparents familiar with the Area Agency on Aging? They might have some good resources; I know many older folks who haven't heard of the agency and there can actually a surprising amount of info and support available there. They have a Long Term Care Ombudsman for Florida and here is their website.
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Response by poster: For future reference:

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has an inspection report search on their website.

You can submit a (free) public records request for disciplinary documents from the Florida Department of Health - they are sent by snail mail. You need the company's license number, which they should give you by phone.

Other links:
Florida Department of Elder Affairs
Florida Affordable Assisted Living (public-private partnership)
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