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CellPlanFilter: What is the total cost after taxes, fees, etc. of adding an iPhone or Android device to a family plan on Verizon?
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Call Verizon and ask?
posted by wongcorgi at 9:04 PM on February 28, 2011

Taxes and fees are going to vary by location. But Verizon requires a data plan for all smart phones. When I got my droid it was $29.99/month for unlimited usage, though I hear they were planning on switching to tiered rates for newer sign-ups. This is on top of whatever calling plan you've selected.

Also keep in mind that unless you root your phone and go with free options, Verizon will also want to charge you for basic things like visual voicemail, navigation, tethering, etc. (Your data plan lets you suck all the bits you want on the phone itself, but try and tether it? That's another $20 a month on top of the $29.99/month data plan, which is on top of your calling plan...)
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There's not enough info here to answer that. I was on a "family plan" with my old phone, so the cost was $10 for that extra phone (with a 1400 min plan, unlimited texting).

But, it depends on what you need on the smart phone. Unlimited downloads? Unlimited calls and texting? I ended up creating a separate account with unlimited everything, cost is about $150 per month. Call verizon, they'll be able to answer you question... or, what wongcorgi said.
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I would be adding a unlimited data Smartphone plan to a family plan with 1400 minutes and unlimited texting, much like tomswift describes. I don't have the family plan yet, though, hence the lack of available information.

Is it always $10 per line plus $30 for the unlimited data?
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Unlimited data doesn't include texting, though. I added an iPhone to a Verizon family plan and it ended up costing the 30 for data, 10 for unlimited texts, plus the 10 that I was already paying per month for the family plan.
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Sounds like we have the same phone plan as you (1400 min + unlimited text) and just switched the primary line and one secondary to iPhones. The monthly is still $9.99 for the line and $29.99 for data.
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