"I'm Gettin' Gray From Bein' Blue"
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Recommend me a salon or hairdresser that excels at semi-unnatural hair coloring in Cambridge/Medford/Somerville/Boston Metro North-West! My life has been the stuff of bad country-westerns the past month -

I had to put down a beloved dog, had knee surgery, and got dumped. I need a change! Since I'm still hobbling about on crutches, any major life makeovers will have to wait a couple of months, but I'd really like to update my look.
I'm interested in having my hair dyed a dark rich ruby and then having blonde or platinum streaks added to the front. Having colored my own hair for years (both 'natural' and un) I could attempt this myself, but I'd like to end up with something professional and moderately attractive.
Do you know/frequent a salon or hairdresser who has experience with this and won't make me feel completely uncoo? No Judy Jetson unless you can personally recommend a particular stylist, please...I feel plenty bad about myself already.
I live in East Arlington and though I work near Northeastern I'd prefer something outside the city. Thanks!
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Response by poster: er, "uncool"
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www.honeyjo.com. She can do it

And, sorry about your dog, etc.
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Feri at Judy Jetson is pretty awesome and not, like, intimidatingly too-cool-for-school.
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