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Searching for a rabbi to officiate a wedding in the Boston area. Both specific recommendations and pointers to general resources are welcome.

We are not particularly observant and have no connection to any particular congregation; as a result, I have no idea where to start looking. We would prefer an orthodox or conservative rabbi who would be able to perform the ceremony outside the synagogue, at a venue of our choice. It would also be nice to find someone who would be open to our requests for the details of the ceremony and does not enforce a strict procedure or dress code (e.g. no open-shoulder dresses under the chuppah). The wedding will be on a Sunday.

Asked anonymously because it's going to be a fairly private, family-oriented ceremony, and we weren't able to invite everyone we wanted.
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The Adams Street Shul is a low-key, open Orthodox synagogue - they may be okay with your clothing issues (within reason), and no Orthodox rabbi will have a problem with a non-synagogue setting (so long as it's not in a church), as Orthodox weddings rarely take place at synagogues and almost never in the main sanctuary.

You could also try looking through the Hillel Houses at the many colleges in the area as a resource to find a rabbi who meets your spec's.
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Oops - forgot link to Adams Street
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Where we live (in Calif.) the Jewish Community Center sponsors a community chaplain that provides services and/or referrals to the unaffiliated.
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