Know the Song, Don't Know the Artist
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Last night on the way home from work I was listening to Cosmic Commander's Sonic Radio on Faction. I heard a song and would really like to find out who did it.

Sometime between 11pm and midnight on my drive home I heard Styrofoam. It sounded like he said it was by Mike Nessmith, but I looked that up and either it was never on an album ever or one of us is wrong. I have more faith in my remembering the Mike part of the name for what it's worth. But it could have easily just been a name that the host said around when he said the title.

I do know for sure that it wasn't Dr. Feelgood's version. It sounded more, um, Jack Johnson-ish than that. If nothing else I've seen in my search that the show will be rebroadcast on Wednesday which would have the song played between 9 and 10pm (hopefully while I'm at work still).
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The Styrofoam 'Oh Yes!' Band covering Michael Nesmith (third clip on page)?
posted by Iris Gambol at 1:05 PM on February 28, 2011

No. This is the right song, but not the right version of it.

I really should have linked to it in the first post.
posted by theichibun at 1:44 PM on February 28, 2011

It wasn't Mike Ness from Social Distortion by chance? ( I can't find any record of him playing that song, but he does have a history of covering similar material.
posted by namewithoutwords at 5:22 PM on February 28, 2011

Styrofoam by Mike Wilhelm and Loose Gravel?
posted by amyms at 8:31 PM on February 28, 2011

Normally, I would recommend Dogstarradio to find out your satellite radio playlists, but Sonic Radio doesn't seem to publish a playlist for some reason. You don't say what time zone you are in, so maybe you will have better luck searching than I did, though.

It does say that you can contact if all else fails. Worse come to worse, have your phone loaded with Shazam / Soundhound ready and waiting for the replay...
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I don't know how you people know all this random stuff, but amyms has pulled it out.
posted by theichibun at 6:11 AM on March 2, 2011

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