When free wi-fi is a bug, not a feature.
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Seattle cafes WITHOUT free wi-fi?

I'm looking for great cafes and other friendly workplaces that do not offer free wi-fi. I'm finishing my dissertation, and tend to work well in somewhat busy places. However, I'm always surprised to see how productive I can be when cut off from the internet (on planes, etc.). There are a ton of great cafes within walking distance, but it's hard to escape the wi-fi. Does anyone have suggestions for wi-fi-free places to work in Seattle? I spend a lot of time in Capitol Hill and the U-District, so suggestions in those neighborhoods would be preferred.
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You're probably better off installing LeechBlock/Self Control whatever. That being said, the wifi at Solstice on the Ave craps out enough that they might as well not have wifi most of the time. Vivace on Broadway turns theirs off on weekends, I think. Diva Espresso in Greenlake/Greenwood doesn't have wifi.
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Best answer: There have been times when I've struggled with distractions and despite all my best intentions my World Class Inner Procrastinator comes to the fore and yet another afternoon has slipped by.

On my worst weeks I have taken to getting on a ferry and doing a round trip. The Vancouver <> Victoria trip takes the better part of 4 hours for about $26. I once took a train from Victoria, a ferry to Vancouver and a ferry back to Victoria. About 9 hours, 6 of them solid working hours and enough movement and scenery to make working feel like a bit of a mid week vacation. $50 for all the no internet and crappy cell service I could handle.

I imagine there might be a similar solution your way, south of the border, when in dire need.
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I just posted this link in another askmi but https://www.rescuetime.com/ works pretty well for me with the "get focused" feature
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mce: there is internet on BC ferries now.
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Peet's on Capitol Hill only gives you an hour per purchase.

Columbia City Bakery (on Rainier and Edmonds) doesn't have wi-fi at all. However, they have some amazing pastries, great coffee with cheap refills, and are on the Light Rail line, by the Columbia City stop.
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You can turn off the Wifi on your computer, or you can do what I did: create a new, parental controlled account on your computer and restrict access to web-browser and internet programs. Make this your default account and make the "internet capable" account password protected and in general a nuisance to use. What you are looking for is putting more distance between you and the browser while still enable all other functionality.

Other software-based solution also work.
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As to be expected, cafes are definitely going to have WiFi, but it's still surprisingly difficult to come by in many bars in Seattle.

For example, I'm pretty sure there's no accessible WiFi down in the College Inn Pub. I have also found many of the places on the Ave to have some pretty terrible WiFi - even if you do jump through the hoop of getting the day's password from the bartender at the Big Time you still barely get a functional connection in most of the bar and none of the other nearby networks are public.

I'm not sure how much the Ballmer Peak applies to dissertation writing rather than programming, so keep in mind that Seattle bars also usually have coffee or soda.
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Some cafes give you a password when you buy something, in order to get on the internet. You could just not take the password. Also, they often have time limits on them, so you could use the internet for an hour or whatever the limit is, and then work. Doesn't Starbucks in the US have this system?

Is there any work you can do sans computer? (reading, note taking?) You could do that part at a cafe and then go home to type it up.
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i was under the impression that victrola coffee had turned off their wifi. but that was a few years ago, and i can't tell if the ban is still in effect.
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Nope, Victrola has wifi. At least the one on Pike between Summit and Bellevue. The barista commented to me the other day that half the time the back wall looks like a Mac advertisement.
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As of Dec. 12, 2010, the Victoria Clipper ferries do not appear to have wifi. Perhaps a bit pricey for just a place to work on your dissertation... unless you were planning to go on a trip anyways.
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Doesn't Starbucks in the US have this system?

Nope, not any more. Now Starbucks wi-fi is fast, free, and readily available. (Which is great for people who want their wi-fi but not the OP).
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yeah I still take the tsawassen<>schwartz bay ferry weekly, but now it's the basic-transportation-commute. There is free wifi on the run, and a couple others though it's flakey on the Queen. I'd rather assumed that a similar option might be available in Seattle.
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Victrola on 15th turns their wifi off on Saturday and Sunday.
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