Windows hardware recognition problem
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My computer doesn't seem to recognize attached hardware in Windows XP mode under Windows 7.

I have some software that I want to use to control a microscope that only works with Windows XP, and I'm trying to get it working under Windows 7 using Windows Virtual PC's Windows XP mode.

The problem is that the two pieces of hardware - the camera and the controller box - don't seem to be recognized by Windows XP. Both show up in the Device Manager when I have the computer in regular Windows 7 mode, but don't show up in the Device Manager in Windows XP mode. (Both also show up and work on another computer that runs Windows XP.)

Are there some limits to attached hardware when using XP emulation under Windows 7? Any suggestions for how to resolve this problem?
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How is the microscope hardware attached to your computer ? (Is it a custom card, USB, serial, firewire, ...)

Virtual box and vmware have usb and serial support, though I've had PITA issues with them.. If it isn't one of those connections (usb or serial), you may be out of luck.
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If the devices are connected by USB, you'll have to attach them in the USB menu in Virtual PC. Example.
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Virtual PC is pretty good about playing with USB, not so good with serial. Is the microscope USB?
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The camera is firewire, the controller is USB.
posted by medusa at 1:53 PM on February 28, 2011

Ah, if it's firewire then you're probably out of luck, sorry.
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just download everest ultimate, this is a perfect software to detect your complete hardware on your system, including drivers, chipcet information.
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