Keep calm and carry on.... studying?
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I'm graduating from college, hooray! Now help me announce it in the most amusing, unique, and creative way possible.

I'm graduating from a state university with a B.S. in Sociology and a minor in leadership this spring. I want to tell my far-flung friends and family about this achievement, but I also want to do in as non-boring a way as possible! Whether through clever puns, sarcasm, parody, satire, haiku, limerick, etc., I really want to make this more than just a solemn, generic gold-leafed announcement that will be instantly thrown away after I receive my diploma.

Specifications: I would like to be able to send it through the mail, as my grandparents, etc., are not web-savvy, but if it's a really great idea that needs to be online I'll make it work. I have decent graphic design skills, and I am perfectly willing to work on these myself, or purchase them if necessary. The only stipulation: it needs to cost less than $50 total, and I have probably 20 I need to send out.

Help me make this the bestest, silliest graduation EVER! Thank you Mefites!
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I know!

Photoshop your noggin into this video and send out DVDs of it.

Well, find a better copy than that, but you get the idea...
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"I just received a very expensive piece of paper with little hope of a job prospect!"

Or something in a similar vein. I was just thrilled to be done with undergrad.
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handbanana, while I definitely have sympathy with that feeling (particularly the job part), I actually loved undergrad and would have stayed forever if I could. In fact, it took me way longer than it should have to get my degree because I kept taking classes just for the hell of it. So maybe there's some potential nerd-based humor there.
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Definitely, take a picture of you holding your degree with that caption or
"I just spent$ xxx000 and all I got was this piece of paper!"
I loved undergrad too, but 5 + years and im ready for anew chapter to begin.
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When I bought my first car I printed up birth announcements for it complete with weight/height stats and all that. I kind of love the idea of doing the same thing for this—introducing WidgetAlley, College Graduate, produced on June 1, 2011; 165 pounds 4 ounces, 74 inches long. Maybe you can include a picture of you curled up with your degree?
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"WidgetAlley just got one degree warmer."
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"I got schooled!"
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