How do I rent a sag-wagon?
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I'd like to rent a sag-wagon, and a sag-wagoneer, for a bike trip inside a national forest. Where do I start?

The college buddies and I are headed to the Gifford-Pinchot forest this summer for an adventure -- cycling fire roads. College was a long time ago, and I'm not convinced we're entirely macho enough to haul-it-all. Suppose I wanted to hire a service that would haul our camping gear from location to location, and perhaps haul one of us if things got too rough, where would I look?
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You might be able to arrange something with a local outfitter (or get a referral from them to an independent contractor).
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I'd start with bicycle clubs in the area. If that doesn't work just ask another friend, family member, etc. to do it.
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Portland Sag Wagon advertises "concierge service for self-supported bicycle tourists" and here's the rate page.
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We (me and bike club buddies) have done this twice, but on paved roads. On one trip we rented a 15 passenger van and took turns driving. On the other trip we had two retired gents who were members of our club drive our vans and we paid their expenses - hotels and per diem. Find a local club and ask. Maybe you can get a teacher who is off for the summer. Sounds like fun.
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If Portland Sag Wagon doesn't work out, I'd second asking on a local mountain biking forum. for Portland, for Seattle, or the Washington forum on I haven't heard of anyone that does this as a business out of Seattle, but these days there are plenty of underemployed people. (and people that own shuttle trucks for downhilling.)

By the way, I believe the Dark Divide area in the Gifford-Pinchot has some of the most spectacular single track rides, but they're tough daylong rides from what I've heard.
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Hey All,

Thanks again for the input. In the end, we decided to do it ourselves, with 1 member of our group driving ahead then biking back (and back again). This gives us a lot more flexibility.
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