Cheap transportation from RDU airport to ECU campus
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I am looking for an easy and cheap way to get from Raleigh (RDU airport) to the ECU campus in Greenville, NC, the weekend before Labor Day weekend. Appreciate any ideas you can offer.

Caveats: I am not an ECU student. Cheapest rental car from the airport at the moment is +$100, and getting to Greyhound seems too convoluted. Do you know of a shuttle between the airport and the campus / greyhound terminal / off-site rental agencies? Thanks.
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This is the shuttle that goes from RDU to either Raleigh or Durham. The Durham DATA station (it's called the DATA main terminal at Morgan street or something) is only about 2 blocks away from the Greyhound station. I have no idea how close the Raleigh bus terminal and the Greyhound stations are. It's not the quickest way, but it will work. Have you called the visit department at ECU to ask them? They might have some kind of student shuttle even if you're not a student there.
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This is a Google map of the distance from the Durham DATA main terminal to the Greyhound station. It is less than a 5 minute walk. Again, Raleigh may be easier, I just don't know it at all.
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The Greenville Convention and Visitors Bureau may be helpful, and definitely contact ECU as well. They'll know better than we will.

I think fionab's got the right idea, though. Using TTA, I'm pretty sure you'll first ride briefly from the airport to the TTA central hub nearby, and then have to switch to another bus heading to either Raleigh or Durham. No big deal, but thought I'd mention it.

fionab's map shows a much shorter route from the Durham city bus terminal to the Durham Greyhound station than the analogous path in Raleigh - which is still walkable but about 4 times as long - so I'd head to Durham for the bus to Greenville, assuming there's no serious price difference.

[If you want to compare, here's Mapquest on the route from the downtown Raleigh TTA stop in Moore Square (corner of Blount and Martin Streets) to Raleigh's Greyhound station on W. Jones Street.]
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