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I'm using MT for a few web projects, and my only beef so far is that the Entry Body box is difficult to work in, because it's so small. Is there any way to expand that?
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There are desktop applications that will post to an MT account. They'll provide a richer edit environment. Have you looked into something like that?
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No, willnot, can you point me to something?

Thanks, muckster, checking that now...
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Zempt (semi-self link) might also work.
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I haven't used very many myself. Mostly, I was blogging sites that I found, so it never made sense for me to leave the browser where I found the site to go to a desktop application. Given that, others can probably give you better recommendations. I've used Kung-log for OS X. It seemed to do the job OK. It looks like that program has become something called Ecto. It works cross-platform.

There's a 6 month old review of various clients here.
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If you're on a Mac, you might want to try MarsEdit, from the fine folks behind my favorite RSS reader, NetNewsWire. I've only played around with MarsEdit a bit, but from what I can tell, the two programs integrate pretty well, which is an added plus.
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If you use Firefox, I am betting there is a GreaseMonkey script or extension that will allow you to resize <textarea>s.

Oh, check this post, especially the comments. Including GeaseMonkey and Resizeable Textarea Extension.
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After finding the link I proposed above, I actually installed the Resizable Textarea extension, and it is amazingly perfect. Just grab any textarea to enlarge/reduce. Is it too gauche to second myself?
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nice, misterbrandt. works prefectly.
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null terminated: None of the download links for Zempt seem to work.
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Conversely, you could edit the corresponding .tmpl file to change the field's size.
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Was just gonna suggest the Textarea extension, or another new ability is you can use the AltTemplatePath configuration setting to have MT use your own entry .tmpl file instead of the one that's built in.

This is covered in the AltTemplatePath setting in your mt.cfg file.
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Thanks, Anil, I'll check that out...
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