Mystery dreamy music
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Do you recognise the song playing in the background of this radio trailer?

It's a BBC Radio 4 trailer for World Book Night, and in quite heavy rotation at the moment. But what is that dreamy song?
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I don't recognise the song specifically, but it sounds as though it could be by Sigur Ros.
posted by *becca* at 6:52 AM on February 27, 2011

It's not any Sigur Ros I'm familiar with. I'm just going to guess too though. Explosions In The Sky...
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You know, I've produced radio programs similar to that one, and one of the most common questions we got from our audience was, "What was that bit of music you played...?" I would keep the details in a stock email which I sent to anyone who asked. So, email the program. The producer will know. (Although, some of the BBC's themes and interstitial music are written by composers-in-residence, so it may or may not be a song that's available to the general public).
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My guess it's something by Godspeed You Black Emperor. No idea which piece, though - not enough there to tell.
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