Understanding Ohio's SB 5 legislation
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Help me edumacate myself on Ohio SB 5! As a former resident of WI, I could find news easily enough because the internet already existed when I lived there and I was familiar with online sources. In my attempts to read more about Ohio, I just don't know where to turn. Obviously national media is out as it's been crap at covering recent events in the midwest. Is there an Isthmus equivalent? A few possibly wonky blogs that are right on?

Something with smarter analysis/more info than say, this Columbus Dispatch article.
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This analysis by the LSC should answer some questions about the proposed legislation.

It would remove the ability for any public employee to engage in collective bargaining.
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Thanks, demiurge. I guess that answers one of my question which was whether the bill covered anything other than unions and collective bargaining (as the WI bill covers an assortment of things).
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Plunderbund is a good source of both SB5 news and state budget watchdog news.

The Disgrace is, as usually, very heavily slanted towards the GOP line, so I'd also suggest looking at Cleveland.com - their writing leans more towards the democratic line for a good contrast.

Capital Blog is solid too.
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Thanks everyone! I was pretty bummed to learned that the Free Times died a few years ago.
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