Looking for a vacation rental research recommendations. Florida, mostly.
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Recommendations for a Florida vacation home/condo/etc search. What resources do people use? I know about HomeAway, VRBO, Flipkey, and, ahem, craigslist. I have never booked anything but hotels before, so am a little worried about just going the craigslist route. The other 3 sites look legit, but maybe there are other, hidden, gems :) thanks in advance
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What part of Florida?
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I just started using airbnb.com

One good experience so far.
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Four or five years ago I did some travel writing in Orlando. You can read about it here. The home we stayed in was in a gated community about five minutes from the Disney complex. It was awesome.
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Airbnb is the place I've used to stay one place when I was away and friends in town use it to rent out a [really nice] room at their place once in a while. I like the site and the way it works and how easy it is to use.
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There's Trip Advisor, too.
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Watson Realty Corp. is a North Central Florida real estate and management firm that manages individual owner properties, including some short term resort rentals. If they serve an area you're interested in, it's worth approaching them about your needs.
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My family has used ResortQuest for decades to rent beachfront condos on the Emerald Coast. They have other locations as well. They act as an agent to rent out privately owned properties. If you want info about the Ft Walton Beach properties, memail me.
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We used sunshine vacation rentals (google it) for nice homes around Orlando several times and were very happy with the houses and service.
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Response by poster: Q: where? - A: we are flexible, just close to a beach :) Sarasota, Boca, Ft Lauderdale and Miami Beach are on the list.

thanks to all for answers
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