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any recommendations for a psychiatrist in Portland?

I'm in portland for the next few months finishing up my first year of college. Planning to going back home to LA pursue a different degree come summer, but I have to stick out the rest of the semester here.

I am specifically looking for a preliminary diagnosis of mostly anxiety-related symptoms I have been experiencing for the last few years. Ideally, I can get a prescription for this semester - anxiety is much worse in an academic environment - but even just an initial diagnosis to bring back to LA would be encouraging.

I have seen a therapist and an MD on campus, but have been consistently under-impressed with the mental healthcare here at school. I was on welbutrin for 2-3 months last semester with little noticeable effect. Oh, and I am at Reed College, so anyone close-by would be convenient, although i have a car here and can get to downtown etc
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Do you have health insurance? Have you contacted them for a list of recommended / in network providers in your area? Not to say "cheaper is better" but in this case, covered by your insurance is probably a good place to start.
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Hi, you should ask the dean of student wellness, whose name I cannot remember, for a referral to an off-campus Psych MD.

I can recommend a few people, but they might not take new patients without a referral from someone at Reed.

I'll MeMail you.
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Maine or Oregon?
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Oregon, I assume, from "Reed College."
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