What documentaries for a 2-year-old, like Babies?
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Documentaries/movies like Babies for 2-year-old?

While at a friends' house, my 2-year-old saw the documentary Babies (on Netflix Streaming) and really liked it.

I liked it too and had actually intended to watch it at some point.

This was also a nice change of pace from kid-designed TV show, was very slow paced, and provided us a lot of good opportunities to talk about stuff. I felt like he was much more engaged than he is watching SuperWhy or Sesame Street. (Although I do realize that things that are designed for his age and have age-appropriate educational content make sense...)

Recommendations for similar films that toddlers may like, especially ones available instantly on Netflix, would be appreciated.

Also, he LOVES the All About series.
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A kiddie documentary series we adore is the BBC's Come Outside. Almost all of the episodes are on YouTube at the moment. Lots of interesting stuff, presented just right. I watch it and get depressed that all children's TV is not "Come Outside."
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Not necessarily educational, but break outside of the normal documentary mold: Koyaanisqatsi and Baraka (clip)
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I saw Koyaanisqatsi at age twelve, and it fraked me out. Philip Glass's music scared me really bad.
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My nephew really used to love a video series about trains.
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Available on Netflix Instant View - Animals Are Beautiful People. It is an animal documentary of sorts by the same people who did "The Gods Must Be Crazy." Lots of cheesy music, narration, and wacky sound effects. It isn't at all educational (and in fact is flat out wrong about animal behavior in parts), but my toddlers found it very funny, and there aren't really any scary parts or animals eating other animals. Although there are some sad dying baby birds at the end. Sob!
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sweetgrass (sheeps, hills, cowboys, no voiceover)
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Microcosmos might be fun if your kid likes bugs.
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