How can I find a vacation rental for people who are under 25?
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How can I find a vacation rental for people who are under 25?

I'm looking for a place on the east coast (Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Ocean City) to stay for a week with 6 friends and my wife. It could be a condo or a vacation house.

Every single place we've found has a minimum age requirement of 25 that no one is willing to work with you on.

Is there a search term I'm not using in Google? I feel like I've seen every posting from Maine to Florida at this point. We're looking to spend about 1200 dollars.
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Does it have to be on the water? Friends of mine have a vacation house in the Catskills and they don't have an age requirement that I'm aware of...

(I helped paint some of the rooms when they started this up, too, so this is in part Mefi-Made!)
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My family and I go to Topsail Beach, NC every year. Ward Realty is one of the realtors we have used for a rental home - their minimum age to rent is 21. They do specify that the rentals have to be "family groups", but you'll be fine as long as you don't have any raucous parties. We have rented there with our friends before and never had problems. The island is very low key. I don't know exactly what you're looking for, so it might not work out if you're looking for lots of bars or nightlife. Good luck with your search!
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Only a few years ago I rented houses in Ocean City, MD with 10 other friends and we weren't even 21 yet. I guess things have changed!

I'd recommend Ocean City, NJ. Depending on where you are it might be a bit of an extra drive but I like it a lot better than the 3 places you listed and I know most of the rentals there have no minimum age currently.
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try these out : dewey beach, de is badass if you don't know lots of good live shows
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Have you/they tried calling the people offering the rental and voluntarily upping the security deposit? That might work.
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