(Homework filter) Snappy genetics poster title needed
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My poster group needs a short, snappy title (preferably with a terrible newspaper style pun). And we've got nothing.

The topic is genetic diversity in small populations, which covers stuff like inbreeding depression (genetic problems that occur in small populations) and how it can be fixed (breeding with strangers from other populations and other things)

Any suggestions?
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Mean Gene Machine
(double meaning for mean intended)
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Drift and Shout?
Hardly Weinberg... but who is anyway?
Lost and Founder effects?
Unhealthy Fixations?

If you can be more specific about the principles under discussion in the posters I can try to churn out a few more.
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The dirty gene gang

You know I just realized you wanted a title for the poster itself. For some reason I was off to the races on naming the group. Sorry!
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Kith N Cousins
posted by ColdChef at 6:40 AM on February 26, 2011

Inbreeding: Caught in a Bad Romance
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Sexy strangers and benefits of sleeping with them.
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Strangers in the Night
O, Brother Where Aren't Thou?
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These are great, thanks!

Cold Lurky, We are covering inbreeding depression, stochastisticity (environmental and genetic, so things like random genetic drift and vulnerability to extreme weather conditions), and the increased risk of extinction in small/ isolated populations due to a decrease in gene variation (both plants and animals) We are also covering solutions, both in-situ and ex-situ, such as relocation, outcrossing, and seed banks.
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Really Dorky then: The Genes Must Flow.
Silly: Uncle Grandpa and the drifty dozens.
or maybe just the Drifty Dozens.
or Re-covering your bases: The joys of outcrossing.
Somewhere in there there's a pun about variation and the spice of life, but I can't quite reach it.
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The Pool Crew
The Hearty Boys
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The Rise and Fall of The British Empire.
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A Random Walk with Thee
The Methylators
Crossing Over
The Heterozygotes
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"Oh, you again." Getting Out of the Inbreeding Rut.
Interpool swimming: It's a whole new whirl.
Swimming in small circles: the case for a bigger gene pool
Getting out of the familial hot tub and into the giant gene pool
Why sex in the gene pool is better than the hot tub.
50 ways to leave your small little enclave of genetic stagnancy
Hey, ma, I think the gene pool needs a new filter!

Sorry, some of these are really awful. I'm going to have to explain why I'm laughing and then blushing and cringing to myself when go out later. ugh. Also, my apologies for beating the 'pool' metaphor to death...it's just so perfectly corny.
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Dirty Pool
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Pool Cleaners
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