How to search Hule and Netflix at the same time?
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Is there a site that searches all the flat-rate streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, and now Amazon prime) for a particular movie/tv show? Or, better, that's like Instant Watcher for more than Netflix? I realize I can search all the sites separately.
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Netflix has an API so that third parties like Instant Watcher can happen. Hulu and Amazon do not at this point. So you'll be stuck searching separately for a while.
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Best answer: Clicker! Their source list is huge, and includes Hulu and Amazon, along with a lot of other sites.
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Boxee is another one that does this. You have to download their free app (and there's an accompanying free iPhone app that allows your phone to function as a remote for it).
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Best answer: Sidereel does this better than anyone else on the web.
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