Need specific inspiration images for shabby chic bathroom.
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I need inspiration for an impending South Florida master bathroom remodel. I like a shabby chic style, and I understand the principles, but desperately need specific images for a bathroom that totals 45 sq feet outside of the shower stall, and probably more like 30-35 sq feet once you subtract the water closet.

I've searched for google and flickr images of "shabby chic bathroom" and been...overwhelmed by the images of enourmous bathrooms with hutches and clawfoot tubs. Of course, I want one of those bathrooms, but I can't knock out a wall to make space for a tub and enormous swaths of floor space.

What we have now is a 71 inch wide vanity straight out of 1989. It has a single clam shell shaped sink on one side and a flat surface on the other that has a space underneath for a chair. This has to come out because of water damage to the drywall behind and the cabinet part of the sink area. We're thinking of replacing it with a unit of cabinets and drawers. Vanity length is a little flexible in either direction because the wall between the vanity and the shower probably has to get knocked out. One sink is ok, 2 is also ok, and keeping as much counter space as possible is preferred, because this needs to be a practical family bathroom in the 2-3 year future. I'd love a unit with legs, open shelves, and painted wood. I'd also love the unit to cost less than $1,000. (this picture gives a good idea of the feeling I like, but like I said, shelves, and counter space.)

I've chosen solid white tile for the stall walls, and floor. Should I have an accent tile? What shapes, colors, and sizes are appropriate for this style to also transition into someone else's style if/when we decide to sell this house? Any suppliers for the type of vanity thing I envision?

And for what I don't want, this is awful.

Also, the toilet is in a room just off the shower/sink room, so I don't need to incorporate it into anything, but floor will be re-tiled to match the rest.

Do you have pictures of a shabby chic bathroom that you love? I've looked at apartment therapy, flickr, and google, and the search results are....overwhelming.

Now I totally understand the knitters who come to me and want to make a sweater in the same yarn and color as the sample. I didn't get it until this morning. All of the options make my brain hurt, and I am soooooo glad I never showed my disappointment that they couldn't envision the garment in another color. No I can feel that overwhelming inability to put find and/or together the available elements, which hurts. And that's not just the migraine I'm experiencing talking. I felt it in the tile store this morning. Oh wait. Maybe this is where the migraine came from. Damn.
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Here are a couple of bathrooms from a blogger who returns to her style as "Scandinavian country." I think shabby chic, but either way they are pretty cute.
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Have you looked through the Pottery Barn bathrooms? The vanities might be out of your price range, but the pictures might be helpful, especially since they incorporate some of the elements you have in mind. This one in particular is interesting because they incorporated a wood plant holder thing for the shabby element.

Or what about something like this vanity? Pottery Barn is calling it European country.

I do wonder about white floors and walls. Might be a bit stark unless you are planning on a light blue or green on the walls above the tile?
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Your specs fit just about every San Francisco residential bathroom I've been in, but they were all the result of combing the reuse/junkyard/thrift stores and building the bathroom around their favorite find, which was usually a clawfoot tub.

They pretty much all have that shower curtain on a ring that was a curtain you tied back (eyelet or something else light, usually) and a sink cabinet that had been adapted from some junky very small, regular dresser that they'd had to refinish themselves, if they had drawers at all.

Mostly they just had old fashioned sinks with the two separate faucets for hot and cold. The floor was always tiny tiles, but that's just because all old buildings in SF seem to have those in the bathroom.

Many have dramatic wall paper covering all the walls, or dark paint. Black and white seem to be big on Google, but I haven't noticed that in real life. They do mostly have a limited palate but what it is varies.

Light fixtures are often chandeliers or something dramatic because the ceilings are high enough to get away with it.

The closest name brand to it that I can think of would be Anthropologie.

Oh, and most use things from Europe that are good for small spaces, like those towel hangers that come off your door hinges. Maybe that's not European, but like that.

Cool bathtub on flickr. (Would need refinishing, which isn't cheap.) And another. Bathtubs are so awesome.

Try googling "tiny bathroom" and "vintage bathroom" and I bet some shabby chic things turn up. I think finding an awesome sink or cabinet or tub to build it around is the way to go. The pictures I'm linking to don't match the bathrooms I've seen- just the elements I'm pointing out when I link.

p.s. You can make a lot of this stuff, or find it at junk stores. I remember Florida having fabulous junk stores- lots of old people with money die there.
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Response by poster: TL;DR we cannot have a tub in this room, and the maximizing of counter space is a priority. Good suggestions so far though, since I adore Alicia Paulson, and had not considered Pottery Barn. They're stuff is close, but no cigar. Will continue forward with thrifting in hopes of finding a vanity to refinish/ a console to repurpose into a vanity.
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Ooh, check out Restoration Hardware! This vanity is expensive... but quite lovely.

(I should probably mention I have a bathroom renovation coming up soon as well.)
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Response by poster: Update: After researching the homeowners policy, it appears that mold and dry rot are covered.

If that is truly the case, then this is the one I want

If it's not going to be covered, we have a place in town with a terribly punny name that sells unfinished pieces, and hopefully they'll have something in the right size. (I'm not kidding, it's so dorky I love it, but I've never been in).
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Gorgeous! I hope it works out!
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Response by poster: The insurance company is covering the damage!

I've gotten some drawings of vanities made, with estimates to come, based on wood selection. The piece will be similar to the pottery barn one, and likely about half the price. Moral of this story? Talk to your local cabinet makers!

For further updates, my newest question regards tile!
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