What I'm looking for is the Mario Andretti of everything.
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How would I track down someone who holds the most or at least multiple licenses for driving? Ideally someone who's legally cleared to drive anything from a motorcycle to a locomotive.

I'm booking people for a TV show thing and I'm trying to find someone with a record or at least an impressive number of different licenses to serve as a driving expert. Someone legally cleared to operate multiple kinds of things. My wish list is someone with licenses for bulldozers, buses, motorcycles, planes and something obscure like pedicabs.

Is there someone known for that? Is there a name for people collect multiple kinds of driving permits? Or is there a way you could think of finding such a person?
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You're looking for a stunt driver. As part of their cv's, they are licensed to operate all manner of equipment.
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Well, I know a motorcyclist who also drives trains (and presumably cars) but AFAIK he doesn't have a CDL. MeMail me if you want his contact info.
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You could also check with the Teamsters local in L.A.
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You should call Mike Rowe.
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Alaska. Lots of people with CDLs, heavy equipment operators licenses, "six-pack" skipper licenses and VFW flight licenses. Call a small airfield like Merrill Field in Anchorage or some of the villages and tell them what you're looking for. Or ask some of the heavy equipment companies in town. If you're lucky you'll get someone who also snow machines and has a jet-boat to boot. Unless that's too far away in which case I'd suggest doing the same thing in any coastal area that has a lot of well-paid industry jobs that are on-off or seasonal work like the Gulf Coast. Boys and their toys!
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You might also check with temp agencies who support mining. I'd bet a strip mine like Kenicott outside of SLC, UT has a couple of agencies supplying the guys who drive the trucks up and out of the pits. The classifieds of the SL Tribune or Deseret News might give you some good leads as to who those agencies might be.
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Fire trucks and ambulances often have their own certificates required to drive them. Not exactly a license, but it's completely separate from the DMV in a lot of states.
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John and Martha King are the only husband and wife to hold every category and class of FAA pilot and instructor certificates.
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You also find people in the army, typically mechanical engineers, who hold multiple licenses.
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Taxi cab companies? I have had two different cab drivers who had previously flown cargo planes and driven 18 wheelers but were now hacks because of the economy.
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Riggers and such people in the arts & entertainment industries often hold an enormous array of licenses. I'm licensed for car, forklift and all types of personnel lifting machinery and that's not considered particularly broad at all. I can think of guys that can do that plus cranes, trucks, telehandlers and who knows what else.

Call your local crewing company for concerts, events, etc.
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