Can I get files from the IRC via my android phone?
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IRC N00b. Can I get files from the IRC via my android phone?

While I'm generally computer competent/android literate, I don't know anything about the IRC. I could use some detailed help getting files from a channel.

Can this be done from an android phone?

What android client should I use?

I tried androirc, got into a channel, and did a seek. It looks like the seek bot tried to push a list file to me, but I'm not sure how to receive it.
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Files over IRC get sent via DCC.

I know nothing of Android, but your client needs to support DCC and the network ports need to be open.

The bot might also have messaged you the !seek results in a query... a direct chat to your client. Depending on how your client handles queries, it may or may not be obvious that it's been sent to you.
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I've no experience with AndroIRC, but I've used IRC in the past.

After a poke at their wiki, I'm not sure you can even do file transfer via AndroIRC.

It's not mentioned there or even searches for files, bots, xdcc, etc brings up nothing.
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YAICC seems to support DCC commands.
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