Don't touch the plumbing?
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Why do vacant homes that are for sale often have tape over the plumbing fixtures? I assume it's to prevent use when the water is turned off?
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Best answer: It's part of winterizing the house, which most insurance companies require to insure vacant houses.
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(the sticker between the sinks probably explains that).
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Response by poster: So could I take the presence of the taped fixtures to indicate that the home has been vacant for at least one winter season?
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Well, not necessarily? We are vacating our house and have to have it winterized, even though we won't be vacating until March. I think a lot of banks have it done as a matter of course on foreclosures. On the houses I've been though, the sticker will often be dated. The Realtor should be able to tell you when it was winterized, I would think.
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