Looking for recommendations for leather shoes in London, UK.
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UK Filter: I want to buy a nice pair of leather shoes, budget about £250 - recommendations?

Inspired by this thread, I have saved up a reasonable amount ~£250 for a pair of shoes. I've never bought a shoe this expensive though, and would like some help with brands and where to buy from?

- Male
- Budget £250
- Would like a brown brogue
- Can be resoled
- Wear between home/work, two days, max 3 days a week.
- Places near/around oxford street, London?
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Best answer: You could do worse than consulting this list (a few years old, I believe, but mostly still full of pertinent advice). I can't give you specific advice about places to find the shoes, but that shouldn't be too hard to handle.
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Best answer: Sorry its not actually Oxford St - but I think these shoemakers may have stores there as well as the City

Church's Shoes 90 Cheapside, City of London EC2V 6EB
Grenson 40 Liverpool Street The City - its on Liverpool St St.
slightly cheaper Loake

Anything that is Goodyear Welted can be re-soled. they will usually be stamped on teh sole i've noticed.

Even Jones the Bootmaker is currently stocking some of the more boutique quality shoemakers.
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Best answer: Seconding Church's. I bit the bullet and bought two pairs there a couple of years ago before a special occasion. They are a class apart from £100 smart shoes I've bought from places like Jones the Bootmaker. I can't recommend them more highly - two years in they have the feel of shoes that will last forever and age gracefully.

They have a shop in Burlington Arcade.
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Best answer: Near but not ON oxford St:

Thoroughly recommend Crockett & Jones, in the Burlington Arcade off Picadilly, though I think they're a bit more like £280 now.

Or go to Austin Reed on regent's St, who stock Church's and Cheaney, both excellent. Don't bother with their own brand though.

Grenson's, Barker and Tricker's are also all good. Try Selfridges? John Lewis might also be an option.

At this price some of the makers use different lasts (foot shapes) for different styles - Crockett & Jones certainly do. So it's worth trying a few different styles of brogue from the same maker if you can, and if the selection is there.

Go try some on at Crockett & Jones even if you don't buy - it's an experience worth having.
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Best answer: I'd recommend trying to find a brand store rather than buying via a departments store - simply because the range on offer is massive by comparison and you may need a particular foot shape / size
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I love my Church's. Really comfortable and well made.
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Best answer: If you'd like a pair of Church's for circa £250 you could do worse than looking at Herring Shoes, which offers "slight second".
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Response by poster: Hi everyone!
I think I can make the budget for a pair of Churches, however the article linked by hobbynow has me wondering if it's worth the extra premium to get a pair of them.

dowcrag has some great recommendations for shops, thanks! I'll definitely pop into Crockett & Jones for a glimpse :)
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Response by poster: Just an update, I got a pair of Barkers in the end. I was at Crocket and Jones, but the shoes that I did like were above my budget (£345-£425). Gotta save up for a pair though, those looked awesome :)

Thanks all!
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