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I'm looking for a certain study online, or just an abstract. Scientists at a British (?) university apparently did a study years ago that revealed -- news flash! -- that cookies and milk are a good combination.

I think they discovered something about the fat globules in milk doing... something with the cookies. The study was the subject of a question on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," but I think I actually heard it not on the show but in a sample in a song ... possibly by an artist signed to Teenbeat? That's all I have to go on, and I'm not finding anything with Google. Anyone remember this?
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You needed to be googling about biscuits, not cookies.

We eat biscuits in Britain - cookies are a fancy imported idea from the ex-colonies!
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The wiki page adds a little background. Here in the UK we have a lot of 'days' devoted to one silly thing or another, and often there's some light-hearted science done as a way to get some PR on the day. Here this was done to promote national biscuit dunking day. I don't think it was published science, though.

This more recent article says Dr Len Fisher is now at the university of bristol, and here's his contact details if you wanted to ask him yourself. Why not promise him some biscuits?
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This wasn't research, this was a biscuit manufacturer press release:

The research, sponsored by biscuit company McVitie's,

Do you think they were ever going to come back with the results "oh turns out they don't go well together"?
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Aha! Thank you. I can't believe I didn't search for "biscuits"!
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