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I always get bed head. How do you stop bed head from happening, or fix it once you've got it?
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Wanna see bed-head? Look at a motorcycle rider. :-P "Yes, I have a hair stylist... his name is Helmet..."

The only way I've found to get rid of it is to wet my hair down with warm water or blowdry it. My hair is very fine and has a loose curl to it (enough of a curl to give me ringlets if I grew it out ... :-P) , but once it's bent it STAYS bent, and it sticks out like Calvin's.

Usually, to keep from looking like I stuck my finger in an electric socket, I'll just stick my head under a faucet of some sort and turn on the warm tap. I keep my hair very short and it dries in a few seconds.
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My bed-head only occurs if I fall asleep on my sofa. On my bed, I don't get it, and I've wondered why that is. Some untested theories are:

- The sofa is less comfortable than the bed, so I move around more.
- The cushion I'll use on the sofa is covered in a rougher material than my bed pillow.
I suspect the latter. Try as smooth a material as possible for your pillow. Silk or a fine cotton.

As for solutions, I'd be interested in that. The only solution I've found involves rough use of a comb and losing more of my meagre hair supply.
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How do you get it? Are you taking naps in the middle of the day? Do you take showers at night and just roll out of bed in the morning? Does your job require you to stick your head in a bed for hours at a time?

Typically, if I ever get bed head, it's because I'm so exhausted that I need an hour of sleep in the middle of the day, so what I normally do is force myself to sleep face down on my bed. That way, when I get up my hair is still pretty much as I left it. The only way to fix it, because I have thick hair, is to take a shower, which may not be possible in your case.

I would suggest against using products to fix this condition, because the more crap you put in your hair, the quicker it thins and becomes gritty.
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Uh, is washing your hair not an option? I'm confused.
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Buy a silk pillowcase. They really aren't that expensive if you shop around. No more bed head.
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Shaving my head has simplified my life immeasurably, even in ways not connected to bedhead.
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Wanna see bed-head? Look at a motorcycle rider. :-P "Yes, I have a hair stylist... his name is Helmet..."

As long as I put a bandana over my head first, I don't have too much trouble with this.
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Don't worry about it. Bed head is hot. Especially when it's the genuine "I've got better things to worry about" look. Just put on a tight T-shirt, grab a book, and go out to brunch.

But if you tell us more--what kind of hair, showering schedule, etc., maybe I can come up with something more helpful.
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Get a haircut that looks like bedhead. No, seriously- all the hipsters in NYC have hairdos that look very toussled and stick out all over the place. That way, when you wake up with bedhead, you can rub a little wax or styling product in your hair, and it'll look like you wanted it that way.
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Shower when you wake up, not before you go to sleep. Problem solved.
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If you decide to work the bedhead, do not put product in it unless you are qualified to make product look like it isn't there. Making it look like you want it that way makes it lame.
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Cut off all your hair. Works great.
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Hair is good. Please don't shave it off. I'm assuming you're a white guy (I could be way off, but in case I'm not); only certain white guys can pull off the cueball while looking good. Same thing with brown men. It just looks weird for a majority of people. (Yeah yeah, I'm generalizing, but come on, most of the time I associate shaving one's head with utter laziness anyway. (no offense intended))
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Bed head is not always desireable, especially if asymmetric. I would recommend a shower, but the 1-minute solution is to rinse your head in the sink with the hottest water that you can tolerate, then towel off vigorously.
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I usually shower at night and wake up with a huge afro. (I'm white, incidentally). I take off my shirt, wrap a towel around my shoulders, bend over the sink, make a scoop with my hand, and dump warm water on my hair. I then towel it dry so that I end up with hair that's slightly damp rather than dripping wet. Then, in goes the product and out comes the brush.

Once upon a time, I'd fill a clean spray bottle with water and wet the hair that way, pausing occasionally to comb through the hair in order to distribute the water. But my current method seems more efficient to me.
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Keep your hair as short as it still looks decent and performs its function of protecting your scalp from injury.

When you can't wash your hair, apply a hot wet washcloth, rubbing along the way the hair should lay. This irons out the undesirable chaos. Shorter hair makes blow dry less needed. This assumes you aren't putting any sort of gel in your hair, which I find leaves undesirable comb tracks.
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Second the silk pillowcase. Not a high-fallutin-designer luxury thing -- it's a basic item. Go to your local department store or Linens and Things and you should be able to find one.
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satin pillowcase!
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