Vague description and sketchy timeline for game I played once
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Biology-based learning computer game in the earlyish 90's, with an amoeba?

Back when computer screens were GREEN (and we LIKED IT that way), there was a 'game' in my biology/science class where you had an amoeba. The goal of the game was to keep all its biological processes running until it was able to split and reproduce. I think the aim of the game was to show the different parts of a single-celled organism. It was probably on an Apple // series computer.

Of course, at the time I was completely disinterested in the project and barely paid attention. I'd like to at least know what 'game' it was; bonus points if there's a version online.

(Or, y'know, I still have a functioning //c that I could throw a disk into. I am not old, I swear.)

If y'all can actually find this, I will be seriously impressed. If anyone can, it's the hive mind.
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Not Evolution, was it? This seems more game than educational.
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Nope, that's not it. Bleah.
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