Los Angeles Nightlife for College kids
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Los Angeles Nightlife

My friend and I (male, college students) are headed to Los Angeles (staying in westwood) this coming weekend. We initially had wanted to check out the Hollywood clubs, but after much research we realized that we did not want to spend $1000k or wait in line for 2 hours just take in the superficiality of an LA club. Therefore, we are looking for bars or clubs in the area (Santa-Monica-Beverly hills-Westwood). Essentially we would like a list of bars that are good for both college students (UCLA bars??) and clubs. Also looking for a classy bar/club, but without the pretentiousness of a Hollywood mega club. Many thanks!
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Are you still going to a game at Staples? There's always The Edison afterwards—super-classy prohibition-era vibe, underground in an old un-restored power station, downtown Los Angeles. Take a cab there from the game. Er, they have a dress code so you won't be able to wear jerseys in. Pull a Clark Kent in the car, then take a cab?

I recently watched a non-market college basketball game at South. If you're going to be there this weekend, that place will be rockin' hard for the UCLA/Arizona basketball game Saturday afternoon.
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My friends at UCLA typically end up at O'Hara's (Formerly Maloney's) or the Glendon Bar. I've only been to O'Hara's and it was pretty meh, but it seemed like a lot of college students were there.

In Santa Monica: Father's Office, The Daily Pint, and the Library Alehouse are all pretty popular beer bars. I've only been to Father's Office, which tends to be mostly people in their 20s.

In West Hollywood there is a pretty small but classy bar called the Roger Room. It's sorta speakeasy-style (Not really labeled, just an unmarked door with a doorman), drinks run in the $10-15 range. Tends to be a high likelihood of a celeb sighting here, I saw Andy Dick when I went. Go dressed up, preferably retro, or the doorman won't be too inclined to let you in without palming him some cash.

That said, I've heard good things about the Edison from friends, so it's probably a safer bet than the Roger Room.
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with regard to a classy bar, i was pretty damn satisfied with isla (8788 w. sunset) when i was there in january. tasty little-plates, lovely bartendrix, low-key yet swanky décor. (oh look, over 150 tequilas! why oh why did i order beer???)

with regard to clubs, are you into live music at all? the roxy theater, the whiskey a-go-go, the viper room, the key club, spaceland (oh, i guess the name is getting changed to 'the satellight'! confusing!) are all reasonably close from westwood. & i don't think any of those places are big $$$, maybe $100-$150 between two would guarantee a good time? we might have different ideas of expensive. or different capacities for cocktails. if you were me, you'd be all over at least looking up who was playing to see if you were interested.

also, if you were me and trying to get to the club formerly known as spaceland by driving on sunset, you would want to know that the street sign at silverlake boulevard actually says 'Resevoir' at that intersection. bon voyage!
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If you're staying in Westwood and want a mild level of flash, check out the bar in the W hotel on Hilgard.
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Yes we are still going to the game. As for Saturday, we are taking a cab from the hot to Copa D opo in santa monica and then to Spago for dinner.We are unsure where to go after dinner. Is the cost of cab quite high?
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But in general do not expect Westwood to have a bar scene like you would expect near a large university. UCLA students head elsewhere for their nightlife.
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The bars in Venice and main street (not 3rd street promenade) Santa Monica are generally on the nicer side without being too sceney.

There are also plenty of clubs in West Hollywood and Hollywood that if you get to early you won't have to stand in line. You might have to pay $20 or $40 cover, but it's no necessarily insane. However you do have to get there early or yes you'll be standing in line for two hours or paying for bottle service.

I also like Sky bar and if you want a true college experience complete with gigantic mixed drinks and a mechanical bull you can check put Saddle Ranch. Usually a good time, usually an awful hang over.
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AMWKE1984: "Yes we are still going to the game. As for Saturday, we are taking a cab from the hot to Copa D opo in santa monica and then to Spago for dinner.We are unsure where to go after dinner. Is the cost of cab quite high"

I made a quick call to taxi! taxi! (one of the few taxis that run out of SM now) to get an estimate from the Promenade to UCLA and was quoted ~$25-30 for tonight, depending on traffic. Factor in weekend traffic and I wouldn't expect to spend less than $40 just getting to Copa. I would seriously look into renting a car or a maybe even a ZipCar if you have other taxi plans for the weekend. If money is an issue, I would take the Blue Bus to and from the UCLA/SM area and save the taxi for the ride to Spago and back. Lines 1, 2 & 3 all serve this area directly Take the number of a few taxi places with you, as you'll need to call in advance to arrange a pick-up.

Oh, and if you're going into/around Hollywood this weekend be sure to check for Oscars®-related street closures and detours.

Also, it's supposed to rain most of the weekend. At some point when it clears, go to "high ground" (like the Sunset Strip area for a city view or Palisades Park in SM for an ocean view) and take in Los Angeles at its breathtaking best.
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Also, I think The Roger Room is closed down. Didn't last long.
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Thank you all! Incredibly helpful. We have rented a car, but drunk driving in LA is not on the agenda.
We also are planning to visit Spago, the griddle and Providence. And of course rickys tacos and waffle house
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