Help me identify this piece of comic art.
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Help me identify this piece of comic art.

I bought this print from a comic artist a few years ago at San Diego Comic Con. I thought it was cool and I bought it in a rush, and forgot to remember the artist's name or related works. I'm unable to read the signature that well, so I have no idea how to search the artist.

All I know is that it was either in the Oni Press section or right next to it. I've tried looking at the Oni Press website under Creators, but I couldn't find a name that resembles the signature. So either the artist is no longer associated with them or it wasn't in Oni Press' section at all.

Any help would be appreciated! I'd like to find more artworks in that style, and I feel weird not knowing the artist or what the art is about if I have it up on my wall.
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Robbi Rodriguez.

That's a cool piece!
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Yes!! Thank you so much!!

I did a search, came upon his Deviant Art, and found the piece.

I don't go to SDCC anymore because the insane crowds, but I really do miss happening upon random awesome prints like these.
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pssst wondercon in sf or emerald city comicon in seattle no really or maybe if you don't want to fly long beach comicon
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You know, I was actually considering going to LBCC since it is actually more about comics than "zomg celebrity!" :)
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