How much is he worth?!?!
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What's the asking price for a web developer in the Baltimore/DC area?

My husband, we'll call him Jemaine Clement, just had a phone interview for a web development job in a town near Baltimore. Now the interviewer, we'll call him David Tennant, is asking for Jemaine's salary requirements. We live in Wyoming and right now Jemaine makes about $43k (a comfortable living for our low-cost-of-living state). What figure should he give David Tennant for a salary range?

If it helps, Jemaine has about 4 years of industry experience, no bachelor's degree. The interview went very well and I am told from an inside source that David Tennant quite liked him.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Depends on what kind of certifications he has or doesn't have. The half dozen or so web developers I know in Fortune 500 companies make between $50k and $70k.
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60-75 depending on the company.

Cost of living here is absurd. Do your research (like this, like craigslist research on rents, etc) and then add 5-10 and ask for that.
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According to Glassdoor a "web developer" in Baltimore makes about 55k to 69k. Senior and Lead developers can take that from 75 to 100k.
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With four years experience and no degree, I'm thinking he will have a tough time getting more than about $50-55k. This industry is all about talent and portfolio, though, so adjust upward if he's got in-demand skills and experience. Also, the terms web developer and designer are mixed quite a bit... people programming web applications can make quite a bit more than front-end designers.
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Oh and use these numbers in negotiating but you do NOT have to give a number. If they like you and are making an offer let them tell you how much they are looking to pay.

How to negotiate a salary
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I work in the field, and I say that ish___ is on the mark, though I would say $55-$65K is fair for a junior web developer, with plenty of room to add on as he acquires skills.
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we share the same fantasy men!

I'm going to nth ish__. However, it seems to vary wildly in some up-and-coming tech circles. I have a junior web dev friend who's making over six figures in DC at the moment.
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re: bitdamaged. Other research suggests that whoever gives the first number tends to drive the negotiation. Ask high, but plausible. Expect 70% of it.
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Similar to the above, find the kind of apartment on Craigslist that you would like (or tend) to live in, and triple the rent. That should be your minimum
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