Why would someone slip "reddit" in a craigslist ad?
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[Craigslist filter] Asking for a friend: Why would someone slip "reddit" at the bottom of a Craigslist room for rent ad posted in San Francisco, CA? SEO? Magic keyword?
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My guess would be because they're an active redditor and probably want to throw that out there to attract other active redditors as 'we have stuff in common' thing.
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See Reddit.
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Cut and paste error?
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Maybe he/she mentioned that they have a room for rent on Reddit, and then said "Go over the SF Craigslist and do a search for 'reddit' and you will find out all about this amazing room overlooking lush clouds of pot smoke and The Rock."
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Best answer: Are you talking about this one? I think the cough shows that it's just a hint that says "Hey, I'm an all right guy - I'm from the Internet."
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Clearly they are ignorant of the properly mysterious code-words to identify oneself as a Redditer.
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If it's the one with the *cough* tags, I'm guessing it means he's 420 friendly; a rastaman; a hophead, he's whacked out on goofballs. He smokes marijuana, I'm saying.
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Best answer: He's a semi-introverted nerd that smokes weed. He's looking for someone to mostly not bother him, but understand funny memes and not care about weed smoking on premises.
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Specifically on Reddit, look for r/trees.
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