Games to play in the background
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Looking for good games to play in the background.

I'm looking for games that fit these two criteria:

- No flashy graphics. Won't draw attention in, say, a meeting.
- No need for continued attention. Can be played in short bursts while focusing on something else.


- Heavy replay value.
- No need for an internet connection.

Any recommendations?
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What platform?
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Phone or laptop?
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Roguelikes. Something like nethack, dungeon crawl, or adom.

Text, engaging, turn based, and consistently awesome for something like thirty years now.

They'll have the added bonus of confounding anyone that does manage to look over your shoulder.
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Taberinos. Dead simple, challenging, addictive, and it can be set down between 'shots' with zero consequences. It's basically the perfect at-work game.
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I love Drop 7 for this. However, AFAIK it is only available as an app for iOS (and maybe droid?) and as a flash game on the web under the name Chain Factor. I'm not sure it's been developed for standalone PC use.
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There are ways to download flash game files to play them offline if you want to go that route.
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Logic games like the ones over at conceptis puzzles.
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Desktop Dungeons is a roguelike with a slightly easier learning curve, and is better for a series of shorter games.
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GNU Backgammon - deep intellectual stimulation, but requires less dedicated mental horsepower than Chess or Go to play a casual game.
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Desktop Dungeons +1. It's my small burst of game of choice.
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Unless that's too flashy for you.
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Dwarf Fortress might be a good choice if you're a certain personality type (which I'm not). It goes on in realtime (I guess) but it can be easily paused. Mr. wintersweet plays it -- when I glance over, it basically looks like he's in the Matrix. Heavy replay value? To infinity, especially if you're the kind of person who likes to tweak their games.
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Seconding rogue-likes ( I suggest Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup as a good one for beginners) and Dwarf Fortress.

I would also recommend text adventures from the small but pretty active independent interactive fiction scene.
Here are a few links to start you off:

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Seems to fit most of your criteria. Here are the rules:

You start with 10 Drops in your tank.
Use them to grow blobs until they burst.
Create combos to earn more drops.
How many levels can you clear?

I find it satisfying and at times frustrating which should delivery the heavy replay values you are seeking. Plus I think if you have loaded the page you can go ahead and disconnect from the internet and continue to play. You can size the window so that only the green blobs are visible. Final caveat no mute button so you will have to mute computer.
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Defcon has an Office Mode which basically consists of the simulated nuclear war which it exists to portray, in pretty-close-to-real time, sped up only a little bit. It can take 2-3 hours to play, but you can relegate it to your system tray.
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I left out the Windows link, which is a pretty big omission, as Defcon is a native windows game.
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