Pecking Cat has turned into Gobbling Cat
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Pecking Cat has turned into Gobbling Cat

We recently moved from Wellington (NZ) to Auckland. We have two cats, one male (ginger) and one female (tabby).

The ginger, Jasper, has always been Mr Scarf and Barf while Stella has proven never to be a big eater, always last at the food bowl, and then only eating small amounts at a time. But ever since we moved things have changed.

Stella is now first to feeding times morning and night. She eats way more than before, so much so that she scarfed a whole pouch of wet food this morning and then promptly spewed it up on the bed. I checked the vomit for worms and didn't see anything. She's also gaining weight as opposed to losing it, which is as I have always understood it, a sign that worms may not be the problem.

I've considered that she might still be nervous of the new environment. She's a very sociable cat, much more so than Jasper, the tightly wound knot of the household. After almost three weeks, he seems to have settled in nicely, and mostly back to his old routine (sleeping and eating).

Should I be worried about this new frenzy with food? They'll both be going to the vet soon because Mrs Cultist and I will be in South Africa for three weeks in April. If this is potentially something serious, I'd like to have it looked at before we leave.
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Is Stella fixed? If not, is it possible that she found a way to get herself pregnant?
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Nope, both cats were fixed at a young age.
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When she goes to the vet, make sure they check her blood sugar. My parent's cat put on a tremendous amount of weight before the diabetes kicked in and he turned into a scruffy slat-cat.
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I would worm her anyway as that usually fixes similar behaviour in one of my cats. It can make them hungry enough to gain weight regardless of the worms and you won't see them in the vomit (not always in the faeces either). Plus worming is easy, not overly expensive, and should be done regularly anyway, so might as well give it a go.

But the throwing up is probably just from the scarfing down. The change in food habits could easily be due to stress from moving, but it's been three weeks by now which is long enough to be concerned. So this obvious change in behaviour should be checked out and going to the vet is a good idea (and I can recommend an excellent vet practise in Akl if you're interested). It's probably not en emergency but I'd definitely do it in the next few days, assuming a worming tablet doesn't stop it cold. A general blood panel covering blood sugar, liver enzymes and kidney function would be a good place to start, assuming nothing obvious shows up on the exam to give more specific ideas about what's wrong.
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Hey shelleycat - I'd definitely be keen for the rec, since we need to find a new vet now that we have moved.
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I sent you a mefimail :D
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