Low Cost Health care resources in LA? (warning ickyness inside)
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Can you help me find health care resources in the LA area? (warning, some icky content inside.)

I have no health insurance and no money. Absolutely none. I'm living hand to mouth on less than $200 a week.

Today I noticed my nipple was bleeding. (I am female.) I am 26, I can't feel any lumps with my fingers (I have really, REALLY small breasts so there's not much tissue for a lump to hide in). I also had a peircing in that nipple that I took out a year ago. I thought it had totally healed over by now though. I don't run, haven't felt any pain and haven't noticed any other health complications.

I have no health care resources. Even if I could save up to visit a doctor, I wouldn't be able to afford continuing visits for diagnostic purposes or treatment. I could, however, maybe borrow money from my parents to figure out what's up with this, IF i can find a low cost clinic. Do either of the colleges, UCLA or USC have a low cost clinic? I've looked at both of their health department websites but can't tell anything about pricing. If not, Is the Hollywood Free Clinic on Sunset ok? What do others in LA reccomend?
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There is a nonprofit called Needymeds whose mission is to direct people to low- or no-cost sources of medication and health care. The site has a searchable database of free/low-cost/sliding-scale clinics nationwide.

(I live on the Right Coast, not the Left one, so I can't vouch for the quality of any L.A. health care sources. But I wish you luck in resolving your mammary quandary ...)
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What area are you in? You have a lot of low-cost options. Visit any Planned Parenthood. Go to the new Women's Wellness Center, run by the AIDS Health Foundation. I personally go to the Women's Clinic in West LA, which serves men and women. Five minutes of paperwork and you will likely qualify for Family Pact, which provides free or very cheap family planning services, pap smears, and check ups like what you're looking for. Good luck.
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The Saban Free Clinics are what I think you are looking for! Locations seem to center around the Hollywood/West Hollywood area.
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If you are on the west side, the Venice Family Clinic is a free clinic, and it is well respected. 604 Rose Avenue, Venice 90291
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Oh, and I think you need to call to make an appointment. No walk-ins as I recall. The Saban Free Clinic might be different.
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