Help me find this book that is about a drug addict who steals bikes in Amsterdam to feed his drug habit. It is a diary-style of book.
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Help me find this book that is about a drug addict who steals bikes in Amsterdam to feed his drug habit. It is a diary-style of book.

I was reading an urban magazine a LONG time ago (within 10 years) that covered things like graffiti art, music, clothing, etc that had a review of a book. It was a lifestyle magazine that seemed more urban (hip-hop, etc) but was not especially african american (more like Maxim, less like The Source).

Anyway, there was a book review for a book that I believe was called "40,000 Bike Locks" (it could have been any number (10,000 to 50,000) and it may have been spelled out) that was about a thief in Amsterdam that stole bikes to feed his drug habit. The 'book' was a diary of his exploits, stealing bikes to pay for drugs. It sounded like a wild ride through this guy's life, who took down all the events that occurred.

The description of this book seemed interesting and I made a mental note to read it. The mental note is still there, but the exact name of the book isn't. To make matters worse, I vaguely remember trying to find the book back in the day when I read the article, to no avail as well. Could this review have been completely false and made up? Or am I just forgetting the facts completely
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It looks like it's called 100,000 Bike Valves but, like you, I'm unable to find anyone selling a physical copy of the book, although articles about it abound.
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From the this site which cites a 2000 issue of Bicycling Magazine:

Amsterdam Bike Bandit Tells All
A former drug addict claims to have stolen 50,000 bikes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He tells the world all about his adventures in a book titled 100,000 Bike Valves. In Amsterdam, a city where bikes outnumber cars, police estimate that as many as 180,000 bikes are stolen from the city each year, making bike theft the most common crime. Several of Amsterdam's bike rental companies are suing the book's publisher since it seems reasonable that the author stole more than a few rental bikes in the course of his larcenous career.

And then, the publisher was sued by some bike rental companies. It looks like the book was dumped.
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Actually if you read Dutch you should be able to get your hands on a copy pretty easily.
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You could try contacting the author directly via his website or Facebook.
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Jesus christ I love ask metafilter! I don't read dutch, but I'm sure that I will (eventually) be able to track down a copy now that I know the name of it. THANK YOU!
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