Should I try a back saver handle or just break down and get an ergonomic snow shovel?
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Have you ever tried one of these: #1 or #2. Did you like it? Hate it? And if so, why? I can't afford a good ergonomic snow shovel and thought one of these might do in a pinch. Is there another model you liked better? Did it matter if the handle was perpendicular to the shaft like #1 or parallel like #2?
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I don't know what your budget is, but shovel #2 you linked to is $24. We have two of these Suncast ergonomic snow shovels currently listed for $31 each. I paid $27 when I bought one in November. Personally I think they're worth more than their weight in gold. So much more comfortable and easy on the back than a straight handled shovel, and it makes pushing it like a plow easy too. I say get the ergonomic snow shovel.
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Both of the shovels you linked to are one handed which suuuucks. Get a shovel that allows you to shovel left and right handed, like the one geek suggested. I have a similar one and it works well for both pushing snow and scooping it.
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Both of the shovels you linked to are one handed which suuuucks.

My snow shovel already has a handle at the end. I was asking about the device that you add to the shaft of your shovel that adds a second handle.

At my local hardware store, they wanted over $45 for the cheapest ergo model. I hadn't thought of buying a shovel from Amazon. But I'll keep that one in mind.

I've already got a snow shovel I really like. And I don't want to throw it out. I would just like to make it easier on my back.
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We have a standard ergo shovel as well as one of those helper handles that is perpendicular to handle of a regular shovel like your first link. I greatly prefer the regular shovel with the add on handle. It give me options that I don't have with the ergo shovel. Mostly I use the original handle and the helper handle, but when I want to dig out the giant berm of snow the plow leaves, it's nice to have a straight shaft instead of the ergo one. It's also easier to carry the modified shovel when I need to move snow from the corner to somewhere the pile isn't six feet tall.
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I also asked Mrs. Advicepig which she preferred and she also prefers the standard shovel with helper handle. So yes votes from a 6' man and a 5'6" woman.
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My favourite snow shovel has a plastic blade and a long ash handle. Snow doesn't stick to the plastic as much as metal and I find long, straight handle is easier on my back than any kind of short or twisty style I've tried. Longer means more leverage and straight means there are more options for holding it.
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Just before leaving Colorado and snow shovels, I learned that putting ski wax on a snow shovel can prevent the sticking you can get with spring snow. Thought I'd pass that tip along to someone who maybe can use it :).
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