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I have a 20-oz Starbucks Tervis tumbler. I want to replace the lid/straw with a "travel lid" since I'm trying to go straw-free. I see travel lids for the 24 oz. Tervis tumblers and I wonder if the 24 oz. lid would fit. Anyone got the 24 oz tumbler? What's the lid diameter/circumference (my cup diameter is ~9.5 cm)? Anyone else find another lid for the special-snowflake Starbucks 20 oz. tumbler?
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try this:http://www.tervis.com/ContactUs.

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Yes patnok I've done that as well. Am still waiting to hear from them, but MeFites often have additional answers to contribute.
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Sorry just measured a 24oz that we just happen to have here & it is 99.62 millimeters (9.962cm?) measured on my old digital micrometer. If you don't hear back from them soon call the #. They are one of the faster growing employers here & have a top notch customer service reputation.
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Just as a heads up, if you can't find a replacement lid, you can find Tervis tumblers of various sizes, with travel lids at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I've seen them in stores all over the country, so I don't think it's just a Cincinnati/Sarasota match.
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The 20 oz glass I have is EXACTLY the same size as the 24 oz. glass. My strawless future is assured.

Thanks MeFi!
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