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Blog Help Filter: I am looking for a way by which I can have an RSS feed (consolidated from various sources and filtered - using Yahoo pipes) end up into a blog as draft posts. I would then edit, delete, modify these entires and post them in real time or at a predefined time. I am open to most blogging platforms such as: 1. Tumblr 2. Posterous 3. Blogger 4. Wordpress Does something like this exist for those of us who cannot program? And, is there a way to do this with twitter? I know I can post on twitter when I update a blog but is the reverse possible? I know it is a weird request. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
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I'm sure someone will be along with a more helpful solution but if not, you might be able to do this with SimplePie and there's a mailing list where you could ask for advice.
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I think you're looking for something like WP Robot. I haven't used this myself but it seems to do everything you're looking for. It's for WordPress, which is probably one of the best and easiest-to-learn blogging platforms out there. WP Robot isn't free but you can order just the parts you need, i.e., (presumably) the Basic core and the RSS module, for $20 total. The Basic core will add a link to your site template though, so you might want to buy the Advanced one for $15 more.

For Twitter, I'm not sure if I understand what you're asking for. If you want to auto-tweet from RSS, check out TwitterFeed.
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WP-O-Matic isn't being actively developed, but I've been using it for a long time anyway. Years, I think. It's designed to do what you're talking about and it seems pretty powerful and flexible.

I vaguely remember having some difficulty with WP-O-Matic and Yahoo! Pipes. As it turns out, the problem was a semi-colon in the URL. It took a long time to figure that out, but it wasn't too hard to fix. I don't remember the exact details. It involved editing the database entry, which is something that most Wordpress users don't need to deal with but it really wasn't too hard. I followed some instructions that I found on the internet and editing the database was easy with Dreamhost's tools.

I use another plugin called Twitter Tools. It sucks in my tweets and posts them as a daily digest. It also tweets when I post. There are subordinate plugins that add features to the base Twitter Tools plugin. One is a URL shortener, for instance. Another filters the tweets posted to your blog by hash tags.
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WP-O-Matic may also require you to install SimplePie. I know that some RSS-sucking plugin did. I've used a few over the years and it's been a while since I've been paying attention.
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Drupal does this (free) with the feeds module.
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There's REBLOG, which isn't in development anymore, but still works. You can find it at sourceforge.
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