Help restoring 30's style enamel table
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I have an enamel top table from the 30'2 or 40's that I am trying to restore. I've gotten all of the rust stains of the top and its looking very nice, unfortunately the metal legs are nearly rusted out. The legs are shaped like an elongated u that curves out at the bottom. Is there anywhere I can get replacements? Would a creative night with bondo do the trick? Any other ideas?
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that would be off of course, not of
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If the folks at Van Dykes don't have them, they may know who does.

Also, the nice craftspeople at Al-Bar may have some advice.
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Is it kind of a "diner" style kitchen table? If so, most of the tables like that that I've owned have had removable legs. If you took some measurements and hit the fleat markets/antique stores, you might be able to find another table that you could take the legs from. Even if the measurements weren't exact, you could probably find something similar enough that it would balance and look just as nice. Well, nicer, since it wouldn't be rusty.
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