Youtube videos with strong accents?
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What are Youtube videos with strong, classic, interesting, funny accents to imitate?

I'm looking for exactly what the question says. I want to buff up on my funny accent voices, and I'm looking for some good Youtube material to work with. British, American, Australian primarily, but also really anything else. Classic movie characters? Famous actors? Monty Python and equivalents?

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For the pompous "mid-Atlantic" accent, look no further than William F. Buckley (although I doubt there are many clips of him being "funny" himself).
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Can't beat this one
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... or any of the BBC "Walk on the Wild Side" videos.
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Sir Ian McKellen tells the tales of ducks.
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A bit of a niche market but Nessa and Stacey's conversation here should give you a good idea of the South Wales (Barry, Cardiff but not the Valleys) accent. A collection of clips from seasons 1 and 2 of the series (spoilers!) shows the South Wales v Essex accents side by side.

For a Welsh Valleys accent, try this customer complaint call to an Asda (Walmart) supermarket call centre (the caller has a strong Valleys accent).
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Alan Partridge has difficulties with geordie
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More South Wales but had to include this because it's just so funny as well...
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You don't often hear a real Maine accent, and where better thanBert and I?
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Welsh Accents
21 Accents
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Great pickup moves:
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Parliamo Glasgow?! Gaunfurra Daunur!
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The Scousers: Did yew gow daown dat Lundun?
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