In general, how much money do you make doing quality control work for a biotech company?
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In general, how much money do you make doing entry level quality control work for a biotech company?

Ok folks, so I know the answer to this question could vary widely based on location, level of experience, type of product the biotech company produces, etc. However, I ask because I will be interviewing for a position like this in a few days and would like to have an idea of what is a competitive salary/wage when they inevitably ask, "What is your bottom line/requirement for salary?"

I'm a college graduate with no professional work experience yet and so I'm unsure what to request. For a full-time WAGE position, I was thinking that an ENTRY LEVEL position in QC might pay between $15-30/hr. But I feel like that's an arbitrary guess.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Best answer: Try using to plug in your location. An entry level quality control analyst comes at around $43,000 average salary in my (midwestern) location. I would have said $35k - $40k off the top of my head so that's in the right range. So, $20 an hour.
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Depends on where you're located, seriously.

I worked an entry-level regulatory affairs job at a biotech company straight out of college and started at $30,000 a year in New Jersey. That was also like, 10 years ago.
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May be around 40-45k/year
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