Can you translate this beautiful Portuguese song?
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Can a man get a Portuguese to English non-machine translation of the lyrics to 'Assinado Eu' by Tiê?

Here are the lyrics:

Video here

Portuguese is one of those languages which google and babelfish appear to render into nonsense. I know translation is tough, but I'm looking for something that gives the true meaning of what the song's about, meter/rhyme be damned.
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It's been a while
I wanted to write a song.
Past the past, I think that I
forgot the same sound/tone.
But I feel that I always
owe you some explanation.
It seems unacceptable,
my decision.
I know.
The first time, who suggested,
I know, I know, it was me.
The second time, who pretended
it wasn't there, it was also me.
But in all of history,
it's our obligation
to move ahead/on,
whatever the direction.
I know.
Such an affinity well,
I know it can only be good.
But if not, it is bad, heavy/burdensome,
and I don't think good.
I am waiting for the day
you accept me as a friend,
I am still going to convince you.
I know.
And I beg you, forgive me,
I'm sorry I wasn't you girlfriend,
because I was stunned,
there was no air, there was no air
(lit. I missed the air, can also mean breathless/unable to speak in this context)
I leave from this history and conclude:
A person follows the direction
that their own heart demands,
and I went there,
and I went there.

Caveat: I'm not a native speaker, and this is all poetical and stuff. Pretty song though.
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Oh, and I would translate the title as something like: Signed, me.
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I wrote a sort of explicative translation - parenthesis are mine.

I've been meaning to write you a song for some time now.
Now that bygones are bygones, I think that I have forgotten the key (on which to sing the song!) myself.
But I feel that I owe you an explanation, nonetheless.
My decision seems unacceptable. I know.
I know, I know, it was me who suggested it the first time.
On the second time, it was also me the one who pretended she wasn't there.
But in all (love?) stories it is our duty to know how to keep going on, whatever the direction we're going.
I know.
When we have an affinity, I know that it must be a good thing. But when the opposite happens, it's bad, heavy and I don't think it's any good.
I'll be waiting for the day when you accept me as a friend. I know I will convince you.
I know.
I ask your forgiveness, excuse me for not being your girlfriend - I was stunned ("Stunned by love" on the second time she repeats the verse), I was suffocating.
I'll sign off from this story by concluding: we follow the direction our heart dictates. And mine said to go away ("to over there").

Caveat: I'm not a brazilian portuguese speaker but a continental one. So there might be a pun or slang or two that I may have overlooked.
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Hi, I'm Brazilian and I approve these translations! :-)
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