Details on Gov Walkers Pension?
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Does Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker receive a pension and if so, are the details of that pension public?

I'm fairly certain he does, just wondering where I can find the details? I know Wisconsin makes all public worker salary information public.
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Best I can tell he recieves 5% automatic contributions on his 130k salary like other state employees, plus another 5-10% (probably 10%), for a total of about $19500/yr in retirement contributions paid by the state. I can't find anything to suggest he's ineligible to participate in the regular retirement program, or recieves any extra contributions above and beyond. (this is based on 5mins of googling, so don't take it as gospel. If you want to search the Wisconsin code for a definitive answer youll have to do that on your own)

"Vested employee-required contributions, approximately 5% of an employee's earnings, are made by the State on behalf of the employee. The State pays another 5-10%, depending upon the employee's occupational status, toward the non-vested employer-required contribution." [Link1] [Link2] [Link3]
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Here's a pdf from the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau about how the Director of of the Office of State Employment Regulations sets salaries for elected officials. Wisconsin is a little unusual in that its elected officials' salaries appear to be set by an administrative agency rather than by statute.
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He should have additional pension money from having been a county exec and state representative.
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