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Someone I met once mentioned to me that her name, Judy, meant "catastrophe" in Russian, her mother's native language. Is this true? Do I have the details wrong? What Russian word was she talking about?
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It definitely doesn't mean that, but чудо (CHU-do) sounds vaguely similar and means "wonder" or "miracle."
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(That's "do" pronounced "d-schwa")
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I don't think this is literally true, because there's an exact equivalent for Judy/Judith in Russian — Юдифа/[ju'difɐ]. It's an old-fashioned name.

As far as negative word "Judy" sounds like in Russian, I vote for жуть/[ʐutj], "horror."
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The Russian word for catastrophe is a cognate. It sounds nothing like Judy. nasreddin may be right about what your friend meant.
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