How are you? I'll be fine when I can remember what language to reply in.
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What language is this? The two things I remember sounded like "nazoor sun" and "sollaar sun" for how are you and fine thanks, or similar. The guy who taught me speaks several languages including Farsi, Arabic, Azerji and Turkish, but googling hasn't worked for me. What was he teaching me? I'd like to learn some phrases in that language to surprise him with next time I see him.
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That's Turkish. Nasılsın?
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My husband's studying Turkish, and your first phrase sounds like nasılsın ("How are you?") in Turkish, but I repeated your second phrase to him and it was not familiar. So maybe it's some related language?
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Turkish. The second phrase may have been "iyiyim, sağol, sen nasılsın?" (I'm fine, thanks, how are you?) or some variation thereon.
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Azeri and Turkish are similar, it could also have been Necəsən
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Response by poster: Hrmmm... I was sure the reply sounded like I typed it, cos I remember the way I remembered it was that it sounded like "solar sun" so that was my mnemonic. I will ask him tomorrow what the literal meaning is because now I'm extra curious. If it helps the speculation, he is originally from Azerbaijan but grew up in Iran. Thanks for your help so far guys!
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