Seeking the perfect motorized stand-up desk
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Where can I find an adjustable-height desk that meets my needs?

I want a desk with the following features:
  • Adjustable height up to 50"
  • Motorized
  • Separately adjustable keyboard tray
  • Keyboard tray wide enough to have a notebook or papers next to keyboard and mouse
  • Under $1800
I found this desk, which is exactly what I want, but it doesn't go high enough. Does anyone know of a desk that meets these criteria? Thanks!
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Get a Geek Desk frame and put your own desktop/keyboard tray on it?

The frame-only model is $500, leaving plenty in your budget to attach a top that has a separate keyboard tray. It only goes to 46.5", not 50", but I don't see why you couldn't build a 4" box on top of the frame to give you the full height that you want. Or put a 4" platform underneath of it.

With that said, why not put a 8" platform under the desk you found?
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While trying to find the one I'm sitting at (which is unfortunately a custom job -- I bought it used -- and so it probably wouldn't be of any help to your search), I found this page.
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Response by poster: @jpeacock: I don't want to attach my own keyboard tray because I want it to be solid enough for me to lean on, and most of those trays are pretty flimsy. Also, I don't want to have to build all sorts of contraptions to raise the monitor to my eye level when the desk is meant to do this.
@StrawberryPie: They have a lot of choices but really nothing with a wide keyboard tray like I want.
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Check out There is a lot of discussion of stand-up desks/creative layouts and loads of ideas on how to accomplish what you want.
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Response by poster: I guess if I had a dual-monitor mount that raised my monitors high enough off the desk, I could make do with a lower desk. I'll think about this.
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Actually that's what I did - I have the GeekDesk, and have my multiple monitors on a 5" shelf that I built onto the desktop. It's actually very useful as now I can use the desktop under the monitors for paper storage, etc.

Raising the monitors instead of the lowering the keyboard is definitely easier to do ;)
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Response by poster: jpeacock, how did you build a shelf that you could put monitors on, and still put things underneath?
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I was lazy - I bought two cedar fence boards (1/2"x6"x5') and then stole a couple reams of printer paper from the office supply room. Put a stack of 2 reams of paper at each end of the desk and then put the two fence boards across them - the fence boards together will be the same width as the reams of paper.

The two reams of paper together are about 5" tall. The same could be done with bricks too. Or wood blocks.

It's the same width as the desktop, so lots of room for my monitors and phone, and it's high enough to put my coffee cup and lunch dishes under.
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