How to capture/save video for later viewing?
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occasionally there are links that lead to a video on the net. a case in point is a recent post on metafilter on Uzbekhistan that has such a link. is there a mac application or any way that one can save that video on harddisk for later viewing ?
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In Firefox Tools->Page Info, click on the media tab and browse for the item you want to save.
posted by substrate at 9:24 PM on April 23, 2005

Or, in Safari, hit Command-Option-A and look for the large video file. Double-clicking it from there will open it in its own window, where you can save it yourself, or it will just start downloading to your drive on its own (depends on the type of video).

If it's a streaming video, though, you will probably end up having to use a command line tool like MPlayer to rip a copy, which can get complicated.
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Snapsz Pro X.
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For anyone who cares about the PC side of things, I use Streambox VCR. But that Firefox Tools->Page Info thing is golden! Thanks substrate!
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thank you all for the suggestions. bcwinters' safari way works for me, for that particular video link.will keep other suggestions in mind, for the future.
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