How Much Does It Cost To Be Big In Japan?
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How much to charge for video licensing? I've licensed photos before, but never a video so I don't even know an appropriate range. The video in question is a minute and a half YouTube video featuring me and an invention of mine which has some modest interest (100K views).

The company requesting the license isn't particularly asking for the moon (3 year, nonexclusive use, unlimited reruns) and is for a national Japanese TV special. Any hints, tips, or very general price ranges appreciated.
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$35 to $ 75 a second. 90 seconds is a long clip--how long is the show?
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Response by poster: I believe it's a 50 - 60 minute show. ( I doubt if they want to use the full video, though I'm sure it would depend on how much I license it for...)
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Best answer: Discount for over 60 secs., minimum order is 30 secs. Dvd, streaming online are extra. At least $40 a sec.
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Best answer: I was contacted by a company who wanted to license a video of my cat for broadcast on a Japanese variety show. Knowing nothing about licensing fees I just let the representative make the offer, having already decided that $25 seemed fair for a stupid funny pet trick. She said $500 was standard for this type of video (less than 45 seconds of a cat being cute).

I don't know if this information is helpful, other than I would think that you could get a lot more than that for your video.
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