Webcam text overlay needed
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What Windows software can I use to display a text overlay (or graphical) on a live webcam feed?

It's for some videoconferencing software. I'm bound to using this particular software and I need to display some text (or an image, of that) on the video image in real-time.

I have seen ManyCam and it would be absolutely perfect for what I need to do--except my video conference software refuses to recognize that ManyCam is capable of outputting 640x480 resolution. A quick Google search turns up many questionable utilities that don't seem to do what I want or have too many "fun" features like Flash animations or virtual reality augmentation. The software I'm looking for needs to create a 'virtual webcam' that takes the original webcam's live image, changes it and serves it to the DirectShow interface (or however that works). Thanks very much!
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Okay, I found out I was using an older version of ManyCam, so I upgraded and I can use 640x480 mode now. But is there anything else out there that will do what I need it to?
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