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whats the quickest way i can learn how to run an active directory server?

i'll be honest, i dont know whats involved. But I'm thinking of upgrading my basic computer tech skill set to include setting up, running, maintaining, basic lab servers including active directory services (ldap, group policy, etc).

whats the fastest way i could get trained (if not certified, tho that might be nice)? Are there standard classes for this sort of thing that anyone can recommend? Devry? What was your experience if you went through a similar training process? Is this something I could learn in, say, a month? Price/time is no object. Or should I find someone who's already doing it and pay them as individuals to get me up to speed?

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Learn by doing. Set one up. Virtual machines are your friend and will let you avoid having to purchase a shelf full of hardware.
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1. What kind of hardware do you have (access to)?
2. What kind of budget do you have for learning?
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Care to describe your current level of proficiency in IT topics?
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I'd get a consultant to run you through setting this stuff up. It's not impossibly hard, but there are lots of little places you can fall down on. I learned by doing, but it would've been a lot quicker with a bit of hand holding.

Have a read through some of the tutorials at petri.co.il. They're well written. Also, read up on the concepts of DHCP, DNS and general networking protocol. These will come to be essential.
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budget for learning is about unlimited.
current hardware: a few old sun servers lying around, i dont know more than that right now.

current level of proficiency - i have a EE degree from about 10 years ago, and a little out of date, but I could come up to speed pretty quickly.

thanks magnakai.
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Given that you have an unlimited budget for learning, have you considered certifications?

The Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) is pretty comprehensive, and will cover everything you are looking for, and more besides. They go pretty deep into the guts of systems administration, so that can be a good place to start.
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